Survival Trekking PolesSurvival Trekking Poles Of all the survival foods my partner and i store standing on I know rice to be able to the simplest item to safely and successfully store for long term draw on. My particular method is slightly different then many others but always be still powerful and can be accomplished reasonably. I reuse the two liter plastic soda bottles. These are food grade approved container and simply. After using within the contents of the bottles Next, i clean them very well with hot soapy water and rinse each of those out cautiously. You dont want the odor of soap to be in the plastic plastic bottles. Let them dry completely before that you use them. Fill all the bottles completely regarding rice also in each two litter bottle place one small bay leaf. Survival Trekking Poles This is because freeze dried meals along with several advantages over other survival foods. Before we reach that however what exactly is freeze dried treats? Survival Trekking Poles In todays world with no collapsing economy, pollution running unchecked across our planet, the threat of the take over of our safe food supply by GMOs, and several other threats for your safety, Im I should share some very basic skills for survival. You never know when these skills may may be found in handy.