Survival Trekking PolesSurvival Trekking Poles To be sure the longest shelf life, store your food in a fantastic and dry area. This will be a region that isnt exposed to direct sunlight, and doesnt reach consistent temperatures of over seventy-five degree programs. These foods will continue for a while under these conditions, they may indeed decrease their shelf day-to-day lives. All food and water should remain unopened prior to the time whereby they in order to be drank. Survival Trekking Poles After gathering your acorns you want to dry them extraordinary weeks for storage. If youre are in order to use them right off you dont need to dry all of them. Survival Trekking Poles And of course while we are on the subject of insects and earthworms.Yes, you guessed it they can be a viable food source themselves Now it probably wont be people want to consume but if you are hungry enough theres always something good. They are very high in nutrients and protein. Grubs, scorpions (stingers removed, of course) and non-poisonous spiders are all edible.