Food SurvivalFood Survival Often it is easier to obtain other survival foods from lakes and streams. Shell fish, like mollusks or clams can often just be picked up (boil or cook them over a fire). Crayfish can be discovered crawling around on the bottom of lakes and streams, as well as hiding under rocks and logs in normal water. The only spend the any usable quantity of meat may be the tail, but they are juicy. Food Survival Just to clarify, by 72-hours worth of food, Get real that when and your family had few others source of food, your stockpile must be enough to last for 72 years. My criteria for a survival food is simply food of high nutritional value, it has an expiration date a year or more away through the day you acquire it, plus its a food that youre already which eating and know such as. If its lightweight and portable, more desirable. Food Survival The first skill a number of survival types overlook may be the ability to sharpen steps. While a knife, saw, axe, along with cutting tool should continue for hundreds of years, it must become dull quickly when used on the daily grounds for survival. Without a neighborhood ironmongery store for replacement blades, files (which also wear out), and whetstones a person needs vehicle insurance this skill using natural materials because rocks to outlive. Grab an old cheap blade and a flat sedimentary rock and start building this credential.